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Where We Give

Seattle Granola Company would be nothing
if it weren’t for our immensely supportive
community, so we work hard to repay them
for everything they’ve done. Here are just a
few of the places we show our support.

Feeding America

The Feeding America network is the nation’s
largest domestic hunger-relief organization,
working to connect people with food and end
hunger. Donors, staff, and volunteers all play
an important role in their efforts to end hunger
in the United States.

Mary's Place

Mary's Place provides safe, inclusive shelter
and services that support women, children &
families on their journey out of homelessness.
Across nine emergency family shelters in
King County, Mary's Place keeps struggling
families together, inside, and safe when they
have no place else to go providing shelter,
services, resources, community, and hope.

Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline rescues millions of pounds of
nutritious food from farmers, manufacturers,
grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers
that would otherwise go to waste. More than
thirteen thousand volunteers help sort and
repack this nourishing food. Food Lifeline
then distributes it to more than 300 food
banks, shelters, and meal programs
throughout Western Washington, providing
the equivalent of 116,000 meals every day
for hungry children, adults, and seniors.

Camelot Society

Camelot Society is a non-profit organization
providing residential services for adults with
developmental disabilities. They currently
serve 42 adults at 14 different locations
throughout King County and Snohomish
County, including Group Training Home
settings and Supported Living facilities.


The YMCA knows that lasting personal and
social change comes about when we all work
together. That’s why at the Y, strengthening
community is their cause. Every day, they work
side-by-side with their neighbors to make sure
that everyone, regardless of age, income or
background, has the opportunity to learn, grow
and thrive.

Friends of Magnuson Park

At Friends of Magnuson Park, their mission is
to educate the public about the importance of
this site to aviation and military history, to
advocate and protect the site a recognized
federal, state, and local historic district and
inspire a lifelong interest in its social and
technological developments.

Northwest Rabbit Rescue

Northwest Rabbit Rescue is a volunteer-run
foster-based nonprofit working in King and
Snohomish counties. They provide care for
rabbits for rabbits with emergency housing
situations in foster homes until their forever
families can be found.

Northside Step Team

Since 2000 the award winning Northside Drill
Team and Step Team of Seattle, Washington
has been teaching youth the principles of
harmony, leadership, and discipline through
performing arts and community service. They
are dedicated to providing children and youth
with an artistic way of expression in order to
prevent negative behaviors.

Briarcrest Elementary

Just north of the Seattle city limits, Briarcrest
Elementary seeks to integrate technology into
all aspects of the learning process. All students
are encouraged to continually develop their
technology skills, including word processing,
manipulating graphics and the use of the
internet for research.

Kellogg Middle School

Student, staff, parent and community leaders
work cooperatively to provide a safe, positive
and exciting learning environment. Student
participation in student government, peer
mediation and anti-harassment programs
promote a positive school climate. Kellogg’s
Hang Time after school program offers
students the opportunity to finish homework,
socialize and participate in diverse activities,
all in a safe school environment.

Shorecrest High School

Shorecrest is a comprehensive high school
offering a broad spectrum of educational
programs in academics, the arts and applied
learning. Instruction is organized by departments,
and many staff members work collaboratively
both inter- and intra-departmentally. Shorecrest
encourages parent, community and staff
participation in school decision-making.
Opportunities include Site Council, the
administrative team and school-wide committees.

Shoreline Cooperative Preschool

Shoreline Cooperative Preschool believes
that children learn best when they create,
explore, build, make believe, and problem
solve using real, diverse materials. They
practice positive discipline, look for the good
in each other, and work to grow cooperation,
respect, kindness, and curiosity. Many parents
participate daily, so their environment is
language rich and their supportive environment
keeps families coming back year after year.

Vashon Maury Cooperative Preschool

The Co-op Preschool is a unique school
program embracing not only the development
of the child, but also the education of parents
and the support of the family.
The Parent
Education and Cooperative Preschool programs
associated with local community colleges were
originally created based on the assumption that
parenting is one of the most important careers
in an individual’s life, and, as with any vocation,
preparation and continuing education are
necessary for success.